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Why Start Colder Seasons With A Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels offer one of the least invasive methods to improve the texture of your skin. The cost-effective facial gently removes the damaged top layer of skin to reveal younger, healthier skin underneath. Key benefits include:

  • Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Evening skin tone and texture

  • Lighten unwanted hyperpigmentation

  • Reducing imperfections like acne scars and sunspots

  • Increase collagen and elastin

woman lays back in a spa with her hair covered, as a set of gloved hands apply a clear facial mask to her skin

Winter is the perfect time to improve your skin with a chemical peel. Besides achieving radiant skin for the back-to-school and incoming holidays, chemical peels pair well with colder months for 3 important reasons:

1. Reverse Summer Skin Damage

Soaking up the sun during the summer months is relaxing, but it also builds up debris in pores and dead skin. Unblock pores, rehydrate skin, and reduce hyperpigmentation with a winter chemical peel.

A woman lays outside in the sun and applies spray-on sunscreen to her arm

2. Dry winter skin

Winter and dry skin often go hand-to-hand. As the temperature and humidity levels drop, our skin dries and begins to flake. Make-up emphasizes dry patches, and skincare products do not sink in as well. Chemical peels turn skin into a smooth canvas for products that protect and replenish skin by removing dead skin cells and speeding up the renewal process.

a cracked desert floor which is meant to be a metophor or visual allusion toward dry skin from cold weather

3. Less Sun Exposure During Colder Months

Like a sunburn, chemical peels leave skin delicate and especially susceptible to UV ray damage. The healing process requires careful aftercare – including avoiding sunlight. With shorter days, and therefore fewer opportunities for UV exposure, chemical peels are safer and more effective during the winter months.

a family of a wife, husband, and their three children, walks along a trail outside in a forest with light autumn coloring to the leaves around them

Are you ready to book an appointment for a chemical peel? We’d love to help you achieve healthier skin just in time for the holidays with our season special through the month of November.

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